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MII Formally Announces EVD As National Standard

The struggle for disk player national standard supremacy has ended this week with EVD's "High Density Laser Visual Disk System Technical Regulation" being announced as the recommended standard for China's electronics industry.

The Ministry of Information Industry's (MII) new regulations consists of four sections. The first part covers high density laser video disk regulation; the second, high density laser video disk file system regulation; the third, high density laser video disk voice data coding; and the fourth, multi-channel rounding sound and enhanced voice frequency coding.

An unnamed representative from the Ministry of the Information Industry told local media, " The High Density Laser Visual Disk System Technical Regulation will be used to guide the development of chips, software and related articles for digital clarity of voice and video frequency products. And it will unify disk and disk player manufacturing techniques so as to meet people's increasing demands for high-quality digital products and informationization of the country."

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