Wang Ziqiang, director of the Copyright Management Division of National Copyright Administration of China, said that China would officially issue its national intellectual property rights strategy in 2008 to define the principles, development directions and achievements in intellectual property rights protection.

Wang disclosed the news at a press conference of NCAC on January 8, in which he concluded China's copyright protection situation in 2007 and introduced the achievements that China had made in intellectual property right protection.

Wang said that the year of 2008 would be a significant year for China, because China's intellectual property right protection would enter a new period of receiving supervision from all the WTO members under the principles of WTO now that the interim period for China's copyrights was going to conclude.

China's national intellectual property rights strategy is an integral part of China's self-innovation strategies. It consists of one main strategy and 20 sub-strategies. The draft work on the strategy was started in 2005 by CNAC, State Administration for Industry and Commerce and State Intellectual Property Office of China. Until now, the draft work has been completed and the strategy has been submitted to China's State Council for approval and is expected to be formally released this year.


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