According to staff from Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Chinese word for "Carrefour" has been screened and removed from all the major Chinese search engines.

When Chinese Internet users attempt to use websites like (BIDU) or (SINA) — both publicly listed and traded companies in the United States — to search using the Chinese word for Carrefour, the French supermarket chain, they receive a message that says, "The search result may contain illegal content, so we can not display the result." This is most likely because there are many webpages in China recently that talk about Carrefour that contain subtle information about Sino-France relations, Tibet independence and other "illegal" content.

According to local media, the search engine providers say they've no idea why Carrefour Internet searches have been shielded and censored from the public.

A representative from Carrefour Northern Region says that they've learned about the screening of their information, and they suggest consumers go to Carrefour stores or call the stores to ask for detailed information.

France and many French businesses have come under verbal, written, and physical attack in China recently after a disabled Chinese athlete was attacked during the Olympic Torch Relay in Paris.



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