In a move that seems like eBay's subsidiary PayPal might be contemplating a Chinese acquisition, Chinese independent third-party online payment company has signed an agreement with PayPal to jointly improve its international payment efficiency and promote international trade settlement. reportedly started to contact PayPal in the first half of 2008. With the cooperation of, PayPal will be able to promote its localization strategy, which will not only enable it to provide better services to Chinese users and raise its influence among Chinese cooperate users, but also can enhance its leading position in the world's online payment market.

Guan Guoguang, CEO of, says with the help of PayPal's advantages in the international payment sector, will provide cooperating customers with more payment services as well as exploring the international market.

At present, PayPal has over 165 million users in 190 countries and regions and it supports 19 different currencies, making it the largest online payment service provider in the world.

Neither company has announced terms of the deal or whether this is a preliminary step to a merger. With the rise of other Chinese online payment providers like Alibaba's Alipay, coupled with eBay's past missteps in dealings with Eachnet and, PayPal might be well-served to find a stable local partner who can give it a better edge in the local Chinese market.


  1. I ordered quickbooks pro 2011 on June 4, 2011 and did not realize I ordered 2 of these instead of one. I sent a comment to the company , shengmeiyuan network. I thought I was purchasing this item from Intuit, did not realize I purchased from this other company until I tried to have someone respond to my email. I have sent 3 email I have still not heard from the company. One of the quickbooks has been charged to me cc and I still have not heard when I might expect this item or if I will ever receive it. If I don't here from someone soon I am going to cancel my charge with the cc company.
    Thank you,
    Judy Mills

  2. is 99bill company a legal company? their website does not work. i bought some items from a website using 99bill last June 9 and upto now, the status is "processing" (it is now June 15). I need the items soon and I don't know how to cancel my order with 99bill or the website.

  3. I too ordered a copy of Quickbooks. But when it arrived in a package from China, I called Intuit to verify the license number – it was pirated.

  4. Judy Mills – can you give me the email address you sent your response to – as well as the website you ordered from? I cannot find this information anywhere from my order and am getting increasingly frustrated by my own stupidity.

  5. I received quick books and mine too is a pirated copy. When I tried to register it is when I found out. Quick books said they will send me a letter explaining the copy I have is pirated. They said I can give this to my cc company and that will prove what I received was not what I ordered. Hopefully that will work. I can not find the website I purchased quick books from, and the information I gave to set up the purchase now tells me that they do not have me as a customer. I will never order anything from a company that has as the person billing.

  6. I also ordered from quickbooks 2011, I have send many emails with no responce, I am call my cc company to have the bill disputed… quickbooks says this is a pirate company.

  7. I had Same problems as all above canceled CC, and going to staples. How can these companys operate like this, this is were we should wage war!!


  8. alipay and 99bill have both same problems and they have bad bad cust services. no matter you wish pusrchase item in china they have no means to help customer get back soiled goods. we try on dhgate and alibaba to buy company things and all bad bad. where are the polices when bad happens.

  9. I ordered MS Office 2010 from and used this payment method. I was supposed to get a tracking number in 36 hours and as yet have not received one. I have already been billed by my CC for the amount. I have tried to contact them through their contact source and have as yet to receive a reply. There was no way that I could tell that I was ordering something from China. If I do not receive the order soon I will dispute the bill. I will be very careful about ordering something online.

  10. I also purchased Quickbooks 2011 from this China company and could not register it on line as it was a pirated copy. I called credit card company and disputed the payment.

  11. Same deal. Bought Quickbooks Pro 2011. It was a pirated version. Went back and forth with someone named Rita Chen who kept sending me emails that said:

    Dear customer:
    I'm so sorry to hear that ,we can guarantee the product of
    good quality and the price is favourable , according to what you say, please provide us some evidence,we
    need to confirm it and give you a reply,If you have any
    questions, please don't heaitate to contact us.
    Looking forward for you prompt response!
    Hope everything is ok with you all along!




    She gave me this address:

    Receiver: zheng de he
    Address: Ender freight company, Putian, Fujian
    Telephone: 0594-5822863

    I asked for more details like a street address but she said this IS the address.

    Sent the software back on 6/16. It was returned today, 9/19/11… undeliverable and unknown address.

    I've left out many other emails exchanged to a person who either played dumb or is dumb.

    This is just plain wrong. The website looked like an Intuit site. $115 down the drain. You guys should be embarrassed to be associated with this junk company.

  12. Addendum to my previous post. The new bogus website address is When you go to the contact section, the address they give you is located out in the middle of a field in Wisconsin. Here it is: 108 Wright Rd Apt.1,Johnson Creek, Wisconsin 53038,United States. Try it. Total joke!


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