Oak Pacific Prepares For Third SNS Website In China

April 30, 2009 | Print | Comments | Category: Internet

Chinese social networking service developer Oak Pacific Interactive, the owner of Xiaonei.com and Kaixin.com, is reportedly preparing for the launch of its third SNS website, Hi.mop.com.

The login interface of Hi.mop.com is similar with those of other Chinese SNS websites and the registration function of the website has already opened to the public. Users can also login with their forum usernames of Mop.com, a portal website of Oak Pacific Interactive.

According to local media reports, the costs of Hi.mop.com will not be high, because Oak Pacific Interactive can directly transfer its technologies from Xiaonei.com and Kaixin.com. But though it is believed that Oak Pacific Interactive plans to integrate the contents of Mop.com via this website, there is currently no special function available on Hi.mop.com to connect it to the forum of Mop.com.

So far, Oak Pacific Interactive has not given any comment on Hi.mop.com and its public relations department reportedly said they did not know the details.

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