Chinese telecommunications operator China Mobile has announced the opening of registration of its social networking service website and the testing area of its website will be extended from Guangdong to the entire country. is a website operated by China Mobile's mobile Internet subsidiary and the website aims to build an online family of users for China Mobile. At the end of December 2008, started its public testing in Guangdong and only China Mobile's users in Guangdong could register on this website. But currently the website says on its front page that its users will not be limited to those in Guangdong and China Mobile's users from all over the country can activate their accounts with their mobile phone numbers.

The SNS website of China Mobile reportedly integrates ten common applications, including photo albums, blogs, music, voting, and gift sending. The difference is that the accounts are bound with China Mobile's mobile phone numbers, which means only users of China Mobile can register on the website. At the same time, these users will receive short message alerts when logging into their accounts.

China Mobile's other Internet businesses include the instant messaging service Fetion and 139 email box, which are both under commercial operation.

Prior to this, former CEO of Luo Chuan joined 139 mobile Internet as vice president in October 2008 and he is mainly in charge of the SNS business of the company.


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