According to reports in Indian local media, the India government has decided to set stricter quality limits to imported mobile phones, dairy products, and toys and these measures reportedly target China.

The reports quoted the director of the Foreign Trade Bureau of India by saying that from now on, mobile phones without International Mobile Equipment Identities should not be imported to the Indian market, which means Chinese-made "shanzai" mobile phones will not be available in the country.

The word "shanzhai", literally meaning "remote village" in Cantonese, has become a popular name for Chinese fakes and the slang now refers to anything that steals ideas or styles from already well-known products, personalities or concepts.

It is estimated that India currently imports about 800,000 shanzai mobile phones from China every month. These mobile phones, mostly without IMEIs, are cheap and have powerful functions, attracting a lot of Indian users. At present, about 30 million such mobile phones are used in India, said the reports.


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