Chinese domain name supervision organization China Internet Network Information Center announced that starting from 21:00 on December 14, 2009, it closed domain name registrations for individual users who are not purchasing domains on behalf of companies or organizations.

Prior to this sudden announcement, China's central television station criticized domain name registration service providers and agencies for false, inaccurate or incomplete information in the registration process. In response to the criticism, CNNIC said it has implemented an examination and punished three domain name registration service providers and agencies, including Zhengzhou Dahuang Network Development Company, Beijing Xinnet Digital Information Technology Company, and Beijing Blinux Network Technology Company.

According to the latest report published by CNNIC, users who want to apply for domain names should provide written application materials to domain name registration service providers while submitting applications online. The application materials include a domain name registration application form with official seal (original); an enterprise business license or organization code certificate (copy); and the identification of registration contact (copy).

In addition, because individual users are not able to provide enterprise business licenses or organization code certificates, they will not have the qualifications to register domain names.

CNNIC said as the domain name registration management organization in China, it will indeed fight adverse online information and will crack down on false information in the domain name registration process. CNNIC has set up a national domain name complaint center and will 24-hour accept complaints with the customer service line of 010-58813000.


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