China Construction Bank and Microsoft China have signed a strategic cooperation memorandum and the two parties will jointly establish a new generation of online banking based on Microsoft's technology platform to improve the security and convenience of online banking applications.

Under the memorandum, China Construction Bank and Microsoft China will work together to research the next-generation USB Key technology to enable online bank users to install the software and devices without any click. They will also enhance cooperation in the security area and reinforce protection of online banking clients with Microsoft's latest security technologies.

In addition, according to local media, based on Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser, the two parties will jointly develop a customized browser for the online bank of China Construction Bank. The new browser will feature optimized certificate management, deployment of browser security control, and multi-language abilities.

China Construction Bank has maintained a close relationship with Microsoft and it claims to be the first Chinese business bank that fully supports Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system. With the signing of the memorandum, the two parties will set up a long-term communication system to help China Construction Bank improve its development capacity of products related to the technologies and platforms of Microsoft.


  1. Thank you to whomever had the vision and fortitude to push into the new century with e-banking and even with Windows 7
    I would love an opportunity to be a customer. When will you grow enough to allow 'foreigners', living and working in China, to open an account with you? Our lives are here and our money is here, earned and spent, yet we bank in America. Why? Why will you let us teach your children and college students, your next gen government,yet force us to live as though there two worlds. There is ONE world, let us
    all be in it.


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