Oak Pacific To Integrate Two Chinese Social Media Websites

September 29, 2010 | Print | Comments | Category: Business, Internet

Chinese social networking sites operator Oak Pacific Interactive has announced that it will gradually integrate its two social networking sites, Renren.com and Kaixin.com.

Renren.com is one of the largest SNS websites in China and its combination with Kaixin.com will push the development of Chinese SNS websites to a new scale and new height. According to industry watchers, the integration of the two websites will make the growth of Kaixin001.com, another leading SNS website in China, even harder. Statistics from Alexa show that the traffic of Kaixin001.com has been declining significantly over the past six months.

Chen Yizhou, chairman and chief executive officer of Oak Pacific, told local media that communication and entertainment are the core values of most social networking sites. With the increase of users' recognition, SNS has become an easy-to-use and convenient platform to meet users' demands for communicating and entertaining with all their friends on a single platform. While making technical innovations, the company will integrate its two SNS websites to both improve the experience of users and maximize SNS resources.

With the integration, all information, including personal files, friend relationships, and gaming ranks, of users of Kaixin.com will realize seamless access to Renren.com to avoid repeated registration and repeated login. At the same time, all applications on Kaixin.com will be imported to Renren.com.

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