Qi Xiangdong, president of Qihoo 360, revealed during a local media interview that China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Ministry of Public Security have interfered in the dispute between his company and Tencent.

The Chinese Internet media and e-commerce firm Tencent previously announced that it will shut down its instant messaging service QQ on computers that installed the anti-virus software run by Qihoo 360, marking the escalation of the war between the two software giants in China.

Tencent said in a statement popping out on screens of QQ users that 360 Safe recently launched a new service, which allegedly hijacks QQ's security module and affects the normal functioning of QQ. With 360 Safe installed, Tencent will not be able to protect the accounts of users, the company states. Therefore, to avoid the computer desktops of users being turned into a battlefield, it has made this "hard" decision.

Though Tencent felt "sorry" for the inconvenience brought to QQ users, said a Tencent official, the decision will not be changed until Qihoo 360 removes the service and stops its "malicious slander" against Tencent.

According to reports in Chinese local media, Qi said that Tencent's retaliation is disastrous for Chinese Internet users, because this move may lead to a large scale outbreak of viruses. He said 360 Safe helps Chinese netizens eliminate about 60 million trojans every day. If these netizens uninstall 360 Safe, the virus attacks will reportedly be beyond imagination.

According to statistics provided by Tencent, the company has over one billion active QQ users; while Qihoo 360 said its 360 Safe software has at least 300 million users by June 2010.

At the end of September 2010, Qihoo 360 accused Tencent's QQ instant messaging software for leaking users' private data, and then launched privacy protection software targeting QQ. This became the fuse of the war between Qihoo 360 and Tencent. Since then, Tencent has published statements for several times, stating that Qihoo 360's action is malicious slander and a violation of business rules.

Even with the intervention of Chinese government agencies, these still appears no resolution to these problems between the companies.


  1. It’s well know Tecent , insert spyware in their software exactly like the Skype in China , 360 be brave to disclose because this is related to the PCC black regulation of course they will never publicly admit …. and they where discover they will say is for protect their netizen ….

    China become enter in the concert of the big nation they should, they also should stop their acting like in the 19 century ….

  2. I'm a Chinese and i've been using Tencent QQ (a Tencent software) for years. It's hard to say who is right, maybe both of them are wrong… But we users are not related to this fight, they have no right to force us to do what we don't want to do.

  3. okay, Tencent is a dirty company for sure, but Qihoo is not really any better, if not worse. Qihoo 360 has done way more atrocities during its 5 years' existence than Tencent QQ has done for the past 12 years.

    360 is not just pure garbage, it's a propaganda machine that pushes lies and threats its users in the name of "security". It's NOT "a software that prevents viruses", it's sole purpose is to spread "security terrorism" among the Chinese netizens. You can have a perfectly healthy machine with real-time protection of the world's top security software like Avira and NOD32, always updated to latest MS patches, and if you run a 360 system security check, it will show you a big FAIL and tell you that your system is in great danger and needs "system optimizations and cleanings with 360 ASAP".

    Tencent QQ is just crapware and bundles a lot of bloat and dubious stuff with it, but unlike 360, it at least does not try to push out propaganda craps and try to scare people to use it by telling people they are in grave danger as long as they don't use 360.

    Also 360 has been using this scare tactics in pushing their own software, for example their own "360 secure browser", that their "360 security guard" software will tell you that you are in grave danger as long as your default browser is not set to their own "360 secure browser", and continuously pop-up windows to "warn" you that you are in danger and you need to download and use "360 secure browser", even if you are using perfectly secure browsers like Chrome and Opera protected with Avira or NOD32.

    Tencent QQ is money-greedy evil, but Qihoo 360 is not just money-greedy, it's Orwellian EVIL, it tries to scare everyone into abandoning competitor's products and using its own offerings, in the name of "security". I want Tencent QQ get dumped, sure, but I definitely don't want to see Qihoo 360 winning in this "dog-bite-dog" fight, as although QQ is a bad dog, 360 is the even worse dog here.

  4. Jason and #3,

    Just face it. You guys are Chinese, so you have no rights…

    Both companies are crap and their software is crap, but you guys keep using it because there is no freedom of choice. You can try using other stuff and because the other stuff is blocked or not "optimized" for the Great Firewall, you find it doesn't work properly in China.

    Shit happens, so you have to go around it rather than step on it.


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