EMC announced its new 5-year development plan for its China business, covering channel expansion, cloud projects, and big data business.

Ye Chenghui, EMC's global senior vice president and president for Greater China, revealed that he set a new goal for China, which is to increase the operating revenue of the region by five times over five years.

Over the past five years, EMC China's operating revenue increased by five times and it reached a compound annual growth rate of 35%.

Ye said in the next five years, EMC China will focus on expanding local ecosystems. The number of EMC China's channel partners will be increased from the current 3,578 to about 20,000. Meanwhile, the company will continue to team with local industry partners to implement localization investment and cooperation.

Over the past few years, EMC not only cooperated with channels like Digital China, Lenovo Group, and Ufida, but also explored the development and joint venture sectors. Ye said EMC China is implementing in-depth cooperating negotiation with several enterprises.

According to Ye, the joint venture established by EMC and Lenovo Group already started OEM and distribution of storage products. The two parties' server development work is also apparently progressing well.

For cloud computing, Ye said the future opportunities in the Chinese market lie in sectors, including smart city, healthcare, education, and IT services. He predicted that EMC will realize at least 1,000 cloud projects in over 300 cities in China over the next five years.

For big data, EMC plans to launch more big data solutions and will focus on Chinese acquisitions in this sector. In the next five years, EMC's big data-related business is expected to see ten times increase by operating revenue. In addition, EMC China aims at 50% market share in the enterprise data center market.


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