Chinese electronics and home appliances retailer Gome announced that the company has signed a five-year exclusive strategic cooperation agreement with Sanyo.

Under the cooperation, the two parties will cooperate in product development, after-sales services, and sales channel expansion. They will enhance multi-channel development, including profit-oriented online-to-offline marketing models.

At present, Gome has over 1,000 exclusive high gross margin products, covering over 60 international and Chinese brands like Sanyo, Samsung, Sharp, Haier, TCL, and Lenovo. The sales ratio of those exclusive high gross margin products continue to increase. During the first three quarters of 2013, Gome's sales of high gross margin products accounted for 22% of its total sales and became the major engine for its comprehensive gross margin growth.

Gome said in the future the company will continue the development of high gross margin products with leading brand suppliers to improve the diversity of products sold both online and offline. By 2016, they expect to raise the sales ratio of those products to between 30% and 35%.


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