Chinese B2C e-commerce company signed agreements with about 10,000 convenience stores in China to develop an innovative online-to-offline retailing model. announced that the company will implement O2O cooperation with about 10,000 convenience stores in 15 cities, including Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou. Those 10,000 convenience stores cover brands like Quik, Good Neighbors, Buddies, C&U, and Meiyijia. These deals will eventually allow Chinese netizens to buy goods online and have them delivered or picked up at physical locations, and it will allow Chinese consumers at retail outlets to use online payment methods to purchase goods at brick-and-mortar retail outlets.

This marks's latest O2O deal following its cooperation with Shanxi Tangjiu Supermarket. said that in the future they plan to expand this model into all provincial capitals and prefecture-level cities in China.

In addition to cooperating with convenience stores, signed strategic cooperating agreements with mainstream ERP software providers such as SAP, IBM, and Heading to jointly realize the seamless connection between retailing ERP systems and's platform.


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