JD.com unveiled its virtual communications operating brand JD Mobile.

At the same time, the e-commerce company announced that JD Mobile's business will be officially launched in May 2014 and the exclusive JD Mobile communications products and numbers will be available by then.

JD.com also released the brand logo and sample SIM card designed for JD Mobile. As an important signature of JD.com, the dog image mascot Joy is kept in the logo of JD Mobile, and it represents the link between the parent company and the subsidiary.

At present, JD Mobile is still undergoing beta testing. On March 21, the company opened its first number and completed the first voice communication. Users are expected to access the communications services in May.

A representative from JD Mobile said that users will be able to apply for service opening and invoice printing via the Internet. JD's delivery staff are also business hall staff, so with this arrangement JD Mobile will establish a mobile Internet business hall for users.


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