Inmarsat, a global satellite network operator that offers mobile and fixed communications services, marked its formal entry into the Chinese market with a new Beijing office.

Founded in 1979, Inmarsat is an industry leader and pioneer of mobile satellite communications. It provides mobile and fixed communications services for maritime, enterprise, government and aviation. China is one of the 88 founding countries of this organization. Meanwhile, China is one of the largest markets for Inmarsat's voice and broadband services basing on mobile satellites and the company achieved double-digit annual performance growth in the country over the past five years.

Andy Sukawaty, executive president of Inmarsat, said that in China, the demand for connectivity is increasing in various industries such as aviation, maritime, media, oil and gas, and government; therefore, their demand for satellite communications services is growing rapidly. The Chinese central and local governments also consider Inmarsat as a first aid communication standard when emergency and natural disasters occur.

The establishment of an owned company in Beijing is Inmarsat's latest move following its building of a satellite access station in the city. The Beijing satellite access station is owned and operated by Beijing Marine Communication & Navigation Co., which focuses on handling all traffic from China via the Inmarsat network and provides solutions for the Chinese market.

Inmarsat claims to be the world's only satellite communications operator that has satellite access station in China. At present, China Telecom Satellite Communications Limited is one of the largest distributors of Inmarsat's global satellite phone services.


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