China Mobile has launched two Internet of Things platforms targeting Chinese enterprise users.

During CES Asia 2015, the telecommunications company unveiled its Internet of Things exclusive business management platform and its OneNet device cloud platform.

The Internet of Things business management platform combines statistical analysis and an API interface for businesses to build hardware and software tools around China Mobile's offering. China Mobile says its IoT exclusive business management platform has already been tested on networks comprising a real-time management scenario of nearly five million devices.

The OneNet device cloud platform is a cloud service and information handling platform the connects terminals and applications. It provides Internet of Things enterprises with multiple protocols and access support and it can realize connection between smart devices and applications. In addition, it provides professional PaaS cloud services, targeting product prototyping, commercial use, and daily management.

China Mobile also displayed its energy consumption monitoring platform, smart community platform, and communication module for use in industrial applications. By using a wireless sensing device, the energy consumption monitoring platform can use data to dynamically adjust related equipment to promote a good allocation of energy. The smart community platform can integrate residential properties, family security services, household services and LBS applications to create a secure environment.

These IoT services are slowly rolling out throughout China. China Mobile says it plans to be the cornerstone service provider for all IoT services in both hardware and software areas.


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