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Chinese Millennials Targeted In Social Media Music Investment

China's Enlight Media will invest USD30 million to acquire a 20% stake in Coveredge (Cayman) Inc.
Business, Internet

China's Expands Operations To Russia

Victor Xu, JD's president for international business unit, said during an interview that the company will soon launch a brand …

5 Ways To Know You've Been Hacked In China

Hacking happens all over the world, but cybersecurity issues in China have special significance because the agents of the attack …
Computing, Gadgets & Electronics, Telecom & Wireless

Smart Home Development Connects Two Friends In China

The Internet of Things is expanding its reach into more Chinese homes as two titans in Chian have pledged to …
Gadgets & Electronics, Software, Telecom & Wireless

Chinese App Developers Hit Apple's Money Jackpot

Uncork the champagne, because it's raining cash for mobile app developers in China.

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