Yang Weidong Earns President Role At China's Biggest Video Producer

User-generated content first propelled Youku and Tudou into a post-IPO merger, and then Alibaba took control and privatized the company. …
Computing, Internet, Software

Alibaba Joins With SoftBank For Japanese Cloud Computing Expansion

China's Alibaba and Japan's SoftBank jointly announced ta deal to expand services in the Japanese cloud computing market and bring …
Gadgets & Electronics, Telecom & Wireless

Xiaomi Sinks As Huawei Dominates In Chinese Smartphones

With all the buzz and attention Xiaomi receives, one may expect it to be a dominant force in China's smartphone …
Business, Gadgets & Electronics, Internet

Suning's Digital Plans Will Send Chinese Back To The Countryside

Fifty years after the Cultural Revolution failed, Chinese are now being incentivized to "return to the countryside" to succeed.
Gadgets & Electronics, Internet, Telecom & Wireless

Apple's Didi Play Is Less About China And More About Cars

During the late Steve Jobs' entire tenure as chief of Apple, he never visited China. But now the company is …

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