Elephant Talk Communications, Inc. announced they have entered into partnership with Guangdong Belton Telecommunications Technology Development Co., Ltd. to gain access to a nationwide fiber optic network in the People's Republic of China.

The Company plans to utilize the network for launching new Internet protocol (IP) based services, as well as enhancing its existing IP based value-added services in Greater China — PRC, Taiwan and Hong Kong. With this agreement ElephantTalk will acquire a fifteen year right of access and purchase rights for controlling ownership in Belton's PRC nation-wide fiber optic network, a state-of-the-art 9,000 km nationwide fiber optic backbone network valued at approximately $200 million in 2002.

This agreement will allow the company to immediately begin competitive development of its various IP-based valued added services in the region and to enhance provision of services to it's existing client base that includes; France Telecom, PLDT, MCI, Taiwan Telecom conglomerate NCIC, New World Telecommunications, Wharf T&T, and China Unicom.


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