According to a recent Horizon Group survey conducted between May and July this year, Chinese people are flocking to the Internet for their daily dose of news. Television, newspapers, and magazines were distant runners-up.

Of 1,151 randomly selected users of, 76.4% cited the Internet as their foremost source of news, praising the ability to swiftly access large volumes of information on virtually any topic. Despite concern over the reliability of online reporting, the Horizon Group found that web-based news still enjoys a relatively high degree of credibility, with 24.8% saying Internet news was 'trustworthy', which nonetheless suggests that a suitable supervisory system similar to that of the TV industry needs to be found.

The Horizon Group's survey follows on from an investigation at the beginning of this year by the China Internet Network Information Center, who announced that 53.1% of Internet users went online for the news and information updates.


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