The China Internet Association, a non-governmental group working to help foster a better environment for the industry, has declared spam and UCE (unsolicited commercial email) Enemy Number One.

In addition, 'reactionary' spam messages are on the rise, and are causing particular problems for both users and companies in China.

"Currently, the spread of all kinds of reactionary information in the form of spam creates a threat to political and social stability," the China Internet Association (CIA) said in a Xinhua news agency report. "A group of illegal elements use spam to spread all kinds of fraudulent advertisements or promote sales that are clearly prohibited by this nation's laws," it said.

Asia's largest anti-spam conference this year will begin on August 25 in Busan, South Korea. In attendance at the APCAUCE (Asia Pacific Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email) meeting will be representatives of the CIA, who will work with other anti-spam groups in the region.


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