China Wireless Communications, Inc. recently announced an agreement with Beijing Tengxin Technology Incubator Limited Company to provide data access services to tenants in two commercial buildings.

These buildings are managed and owned by Beijing Tengxin Technology Incubator Limited Company. It is expected that current demand for data access services in these commercial buildings will generate recurring revenue for China Wireless.

Commercial buildings, under Beijing Tengxin's management, are located in Beijing Oriental Commercial Park, which is one of the large-scale commercial parks in Beijing. Tenants include Fortune 500 companies and fast growing high tech enterprises. This relationship with Beijing Tengxin provides a model for China Wireless to obtain additional contracts to provide data access services for tenants in Beijing Oriental Commercial Park.

Mr. Kent Lam, the President of China Wireless' Beijing operating subsidiary commented, "Industrial tenants in high tech or commercial parks of Beijing are one of our primary targets. These high data bandwidth users are located in places outside of the current optic fiber network's reach. Our ability to provide connectivity for data access services meets a growing market demand in Beijing and offers China Wireless a tremendous potential for growth."


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