Based on the strong demand for notebook PCs in Europe and China, Uniwill Computer International of Taiwan is expected to ship a record 1.15 million units in 2003, almost doubling the figure of 620,000 units last year.

The orders from major clients, including Gericom and Actebis in Europe and Shenzhou Computer in China, helped increase Uniwill's shipment to 700,000 units in the first three quarters of 2003. September shipments reached 135,000 units. Shipments are expected to shoot up to 180,000 units in October, 140,000 in November and 130,000 in December, according to company estimates. Uniwill delivers 70% of its notebooks to Europe, followed by a combined 20% to Japan and China, and 10% to the US.

The market in China has great room for faster growth since notebooks will account for only 6% of the PC market by year-end. Industry analysts expect the ratio to double to around 12.5% in 2004. Uniwill currently has two R&D centers ¨C in Taipei (Taiwan) and Suzhou (Jiangsu Province, China) ¨C to develop and improve portable computers and IA designs. The China market accounts for just 10% of Uniwill's total notebook shipments. The company expects the anticipated sharp growth in sales to China will help it raise global shipments to more than 1.5 million units in 2004.


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