The Torch Center, one of the eleven special divisions at the China Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), recently launched the China Offshore Software Engineering Project (COSEP) through ExperExchange, a provider of outsourcing services in software development, IT consulting and business process outsourcing based in California.

COSEP's goal is to provide outsourcing services from China to overseas corporate customers.

"The Torch Center will facilitate the selection of a number of qualified software companies from regional software parks each year to participate in COSEP. These companies will go through a rigorous training on the OSEM process supervised by ExperExchange. Upon successful completion of the training program, a company is then certified and qualified to take on offshore software engineering projects. In the meantime, the Torch Center will ensure the project success with a well-defined system," commented Director Xiasheng Pei, from the Torch Center. "Meanwhile, ExperExchange and US-China Science Park Management LLC will represent the Torch Center in the US to engage in seeking global strategic partners, which will contribute to the project throughout its candidate selection, training, certification and business development processes."

To launch the COSEP, the MOST has formed a designated leadership team to offer macro-level directions to the COSEP and provide monetary subsidiaries to selected member companies who complete the training and certification program, while the Torch Center is responsible for the implementation of COSEP. In addition, the COSEP is also sponsored by the China Association of Software Technology Parks (CASTP), which oversees 53 technology parks nationwide. It has all the most esteemed software companies and 73.5% of the China's software market is under its wings.


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