Professor Guo Liang, of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) in Beijing, China, will release the findings of a 2-year study, "The Growth of the Internet in China: Drivers, Actors and Impact" at an event to be held on November 13th at the Markle Foundation in New York.

The study, funded by the Markle Foundation, is based on door-to-door interviews with 2500 Internet users (and 1500 non-Internet users) in 12 Chinese cities. In addition, 5 case studies were conducted in five small cities.

Topics to be included in Professor Guo's presentation include: What is the current state of the Internet in China? Who and what are the drivers behind the growth of the Internet in China? What is the attitude toward the Internet – and are there attempts to control it? What is the impact of communications, politics, and notions of openness? What can we expect in the near and longer term future?

Professor Guo, a professor at CASS, is one of the preeminent observers of the Internet in China. He is the author of several books and has published several articles about information technology developments in China.


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