The movement from Internet to Multimedia gaming offers many alternative vehicles within the global online gaming industry.

And, with China possessing the second largest Internet population and growing, the interest in multimedia gaming is furthering Asia's entry into the global technology arena. RTG Ventures, Inc. has obtained the exclusive rights from the Sports Ministry of the Peoples Republic of China to stage a number of games of skill there, including a Chinese Chess Championship (Xiangqi), and events surrounding Mah-jong and Chinese Poker (Sheng-Ji). RTGV's multimedia technology is capable of accommodating up to 200,000 simultaneous players for each of these skill games concurrently.

The Far East and China are quickly becoming close international neighbors to the U.S. and Europe in technological innovation and growth, extending and connecting communities worldwide. Global multimedia gaming in China and Japan represent the largest online gaming marketplace in the world. As the walls between countries dissolve, and business opportunities open up, multimedia gaming and games of skill will become an ever-increasing part of the global landscape in the coming decade and beyond.


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