Global markets are all looking towards Asia as the next big gold strike in e-commerce, and businesses are already mining that opportunity. Some are pouring cash and technology into partnerships in China hoping to cash in while others are already banking on sales.

NEC Corporation just announced a joint venture with one of the largest LCD manufacturers and marketing companies in Shanghai China, SVA (Group) Co., Ltd., whose knowledge of that market was NEC's best advantage, investing hundreds of millions of dollars for a 25% stake in the new business venture.

China has close to an estimated 250 million potential customers when it comes to technology offerings according to Piper Jaffray's Internet Analyst, Safa Rashtchy, "The wireless models that make money are in China."

One the most heavily advancing markets in China is satellite television. China will switch its cable television broadcasting to digital technology by 2010 and phase out analog broadcasts altogether by 2015, an official report said on Tuesday. While broadcasting moves to deliver digital in the future, MB Technology, Inc. is already cashing in, having booked a $6 million dollar order for its new proprietary Flat Antenna system from Eastech, a leading distributor of satellite electronics and components to the commercial and consumer electronics markets in Japan.


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