Beijing Zhengtong Network Telecommunications Co. Ltd. announced recently that, after making a thorough comparison of products and services of telecommunications equipment providers, it has adopted Tellabs products to build transport infrastructure for the 2008 Olympic wireless network.

According to the dispatch communication requirements of "Digital Beijing" and "Digital Olympic" Programs, under the Beijing Municipal Government and Ministry of Information Industry, Beijing Zhengtong Network Telecommunications Co. Ltd. is now responsible for building the wireless administrative network of the Beijing government. This project has been listed as one of the Top 60 major projects for the Beijing municipality this year, which indicates that the shared TETRA digital trunked dispatch communication market is picking up.

The main product adopted in the project is the Tellabs 8160 accelerator node, part of the Tellabs 8100 managed access system. The entire network consists of 93 base stations, which are to be installed in two steps. The first construction phase of the entire network, supporting 50,000 subscribers and completely covering the city, suburbs and highways, will be completed in the first half of 2004 and is now in progress. The second phase will be completed by 2006, when the network will support about 250,000 subscribers, enable network roaming and interconnection with all provinces around Beijing and the Bo Hai Bay Area, and realize wide area seamless dispatch services.

Assistant to General Manager Mr. Liu Hongwei of Beijing Zhengtong said, "We are delighted to cooperate with this world leading equipment provider. We hope to make our business more international and enrich our experience through this win-win cooperation."


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