Fonix Corporation, a provider of speech solutions and easy-to-use voice interfaces for devices and systems, recently announced the availability of their speech interface solution on an educational electronic dictionary manufactured and sold by TopGrade, a Chinese manufacturer of embedded devices.

TopGrade's device, Kinbible V2100, features the recently announced Fonix/Epson speech solution and is currently on the market. Fonix receives unit royalties from the sale of each device sold, primarily in the Chinese electronic device market. Educational electronic dictionary devices are growing in popularity in China and are expected to exceed a market volume of over 500,000 units per quarter.

Through their partnership with Epson, Fonix has established a working relationship with TopGrade, located in Shenzhen, China, to implement Fonix speech interface solutions in products they manufacture and sell. As their first product offering in this partnership, TopGrade has implemented the Fonix/Epson speech solution in a palm-sized electronic dictionary for Chinese speakers. This valuable educational tool is based on the Fonix/Epson speech solution, which bundles the premier Fonix DECtalk text-to-speech on Epson's powerful processor chips. The Fonix/Epson solution is specifically designed for limited-memory devices.

"The Fonix/Epson speech solution on TopGrade's electronic dictionary provides a superior speech interface for users," said Samuel Pang, executive director at TopGrade. "The Fonix solution offers customers the most understandable, accurate voices and makes the Kinbible V2100 an excellent tool for Chinese speakers to learn English."


  1. We are interested in mini computers dictionnaries,but with arabic case you can do it will provide you with the software.
    thank you and best regards.
    hassan beydoun.


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