U.S. Company NavCom Technology, Inc., a leader in communications and precise positioning, announced recently that it has signed a dealer/distribution agreement with Beijing UniStrong to represent NavCom's GPS products and services in China.

"NavCom is very pleased to sign Beijing UniStrong to our global family of distributors," said NCT Sales Manager J. Christopher Litton. "Beijing Unistrong has proven capabilities in making GPS precision instrument sales in the PRC. Their commitment to representing NavCom products in China illustrates their investment in providing the latest advancements in positioning technology, satellite differential services and wireless communications."

NavCom's family of dual-frequency GPS receivers offers the most reliable positioning on the planet with accuracies up to one centimeter. Its global satellite-based StarFire Network provides users with real time decimeter positioning anywhere, anytime without the need for local ground-reference stations. Its range of RTK and dGPS receivers are ideally suited for high-accuracy applications in GIS, navigation, survey, machine control and structural monitoring.


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