Bayer Technology Services (Shanghai) Company Limited celebrated its official opening recently at the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park (SCIP) in Caojing.

The short ceremony was co-hosted by Dr. Wolfram Wagner, Managing Director of Bayer Technology Services GmbH, Mr. Yanhua Ruan, Director of SCIP Administration Commission and Dr. Armin Knors, President of Bayer Technology Services (Shanghai) Company Ltd. Operating as a subsidiary of Bayer Technology Services GmbH, Bayer Technology Services (Shanghai) Company Ltd. has been established to serve the international engineering service company's growing number of customers in the Asia Pacific region.

"Our objective is to use technological innovations and cost-effective solutions to secure and increase our customers' lead in global competition," said Dr. Wagner at the ceremony. Since its legal independence in October 2003 the company continues to support Bayer´s operating subgroups in the design, construction and optimization of plants and is now also able to market these services to external customers worldwide. Bayer Technology Services has been involved in the design, procurement and construction of Bayer's major investments projects worldwide, such as the isocyanate and polycarbonate units in Baytown (Texas/US) and in Caojing, where Bayer is building a large integrated polymer site. Since the beginning of the 1990s Bayer has invested more than 350 million euros into 14 production sites in China. The next stage will be the construction of a high-tech polycarbonate unit in Caojing. "Due to this project and the growing demand in China, we plan to increase the workforce of our Chinese affiliate to 90 employees," added Dr. Wagner.


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