Cedara Software Corp. a leading independent developer of medical software technologies for the global healthcare market, recently announced an agreement with Beijing Invention & Technology Corporation (BITC) to market Cedara's I-Suite Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) family of products in China.

Specializing in Healthcare Information Systems (HIS), BITC has the certification to sell to Chinese military hospitals and is well established in that arena, with a customer base of over 200 military hospitals and numerous civilian hospitals. The agreement with BITC accelerates Cedara's strategic plans to extend its PACS business into the Chinese marketplace.

Under the terms of the agreement, BITC will integrate Cedara's PACS product suite with their hospital information and image management system to provide a complete solution tailored to meet the needs of Chinese hospital workflow. BITC believes that such an integrated solution will result in direct cost savings, significant improvements in radiologist and physician productivity, and more clinical value from captured patient images.

Cedara's PACS product suite is designed to meet the image management needs of the entire healthcare-enterprise. The suite includes an image archiving and distribution system (Cedara I-Store), diagnostic review workstation (Cedara I-SoftView), web-based image distribution server (Cedara I-Reach), and hospital system interface products. This easy-to- integrate PACS is used to review, analyze, store and distribute medical images that allow system integrators to build robust, flexible, and scalable image storage management solutions.


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