On2 Technologies, Inc. recently said that it has not issued financial guidance for the calendar year 2004.

The company made its comments in reaction to revenue figures published in the press recently that were based largely on the number of EVD players that Beijing E-world has estimated could be sold in China over the next two years. The company noted that all EVD sales figures currently being written about and discussed are indeed estimates and that no firm production schedule has been provided to On2 by Beijing E-world.

"Articles about the E-world EVD launch ran in several dozen newspapers and websites and this has led to a great deal of speculation about how EVD production levels might affect our revenue," said Douglas A. McIntyre, On2 Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer. "Although some writers have speculated about this or offered educated opinions, we are not currently offering any guidance regarding our 2004 revenue. We hope to be in a position to offer further guidance once we have more information regarding upcoming customer product deployments and unit sales of new products containing On2 software," he added.


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