Force10 Networks recently announced that two of China's leading universities have deployed the E-Series to build highly resilient and predictable 10 Gigabit Ethernet campus networks.

Leveraging the resiliency and scalability of the Force10 E-Series, Tsinghua and Shenzhen universities are building advanced networking environments that can deliver new services and applications to students and researchers.

"As one of the top engineering schools in the world, building a robust and scalable campus network with a new generation of technology is a strategic decision that will enable us to offer new services, such as remote multimedia education and grid computing to our students," said professor XueNong Li, director of the Tsinghua University Network Research Center.

Beijing-based Tsinghua University is building a new 10 Gigabit Ethernet campus network to provide more than 60,000 students and researchers with high-speed Internet and intranet access, the bandwidth to collaborate on data-intensive computing projects and a variety of other advanced networking services. Tsinghua's new 10 Gigabit Ethernet network will connect with the university's existing campus network and to CERNET, the Chinese Education and Research Network. Tsinghua University's existing network is approaching capacity as the student population continues to rapidly increase, impacting network performance and reliability. The Force10 E-Series enables Tsinghua University to aggregate thousands of student and research connections in a single system while technical innovations in system design provide a new level of security against network attacks. With separate data and control planes, virus attacks are isolated and contained, preventing unwanted traffic from impacting performance.

Shenzhen University City, an educational complex that includes subsidiary campuses for Tsinghua University, Beijing University and the Harbin Institute of Technology, has also deployed the Force10 E-Series as the foundation of its next-generation network. The Force10 E-Series creates an advanced networking infrastructure across the three campuses and provides connectivity and shared resource applications to students, researchers and faculty throughout Shenzhen University City.


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