Genesis Technology Group, Inc., a leading Sino-US business development firm and the first US-based Trust Member of the Shanghai Technology Stock Exchange, announced recently that the IT division of Shanghai Yazheng (Yastock) Investment Consulting Company, Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of GTEC, has received a license to operate as a wireless content provider, aggregator and mobile marketing provider in Shanghai.

This license will be upgraded to a national level after three months.

Speaking from the Genesis Shanghai offices, Mr. David Tian, Chief Technology Officer, stated: "We have been providing content of gaming and lottery information via wireless short messaging services at in the past several months. The initial result has been excellent and over 1,200 individuals have signed up our services by paying about $3 per month. Over 100,000 test messages have been transmitted in the past three months. With this license, we can double our profit margin and easily market our services to tens of millions of people who use cell phones. Our goal for the next 12 months is to have a base of one million subscribers by working with major wireless carriers in Shanghai. We have been in negotiation with two major wireless carries in Shanghai in regards to marketing agreement."


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