CityOne Network Communications Co. Ltd., a leader in public communications systems in China, has added to its list of innovations with the latest deployment of its ST2000 intelligent online public payphone system.

Built on highly reliable, scalable and flexible technology from NMS Communications, the system, now accessible from public phones in 17 cities in Shandong Province, provides flexible pre-paid access to telecom services.

The ST2000 system was specifically developed to increase service provider revenues by making a broad range of voice and data services accessible from conveniently located public phones. At the same time, the system, including phones and a special access interface, is designed to minimize operation and maintenance expenses, reduce fraud, and provide real-time billing and charging based on actual usage.

NMS building blocks for the ST2000 include the Convergence Generation (CG) 6100C Series, full-function hardware and software configured specifically for IP-based communications, and the TX3220 Series/SS7 high performance data communications platforms. The NMS CG 6100C series provides high-density digital trunk interfaces combined with digital signal processing (DSP) resources for signaling and echo cancellation on a CompactPCI (cPCI) board set. The high density of trunks saves valuable cPCI slots in the large, high-availability environments of service providers for switches and enhanced services.

NMS' TX 3220C, also in cPCI form factor, is one of a series of innovative, high-performance data communications platforms from NMS that support SS7 call control applications with a set of switch-specific and high availability extensions that meet service provider requirements and facilitate worldwide deployments and interoperability. SS7 is often used as the signaling protocol for voice over IP gateway applications and enhanced messaging services, including one-number/follow-me and pre-paid services.


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