Hong Kong based Artificial Life, Inc., a leading provider of award winning intelligent agent and mobile computing technology, recently announced the release of its first educational online game called ECO CHAMP.

The new game will be offered for registration and use as of December 11, 2003 at the website: http://www.ecochamp.com.

Eco Champ is an educational game about renewable energies. The Company targets young Asian students aged between 12 and 18 years and secondary schools in Greater China and Asia. The game will be offered through a subscription based revenue model and will be available in English and Chinese (other languages will be implemented in 2004). The purpose of the game is to introduce students and a young audience in a playful and educational way to the concept of environmentally friendly renewable energy alternatives and resources. A player has to maintain the power level of a virtual island by installing renewable energy sources of six different kinds: wind, solar, wave and tidal, hydro, geothermal and biogas in the appropriate locations by taking into account the most relevant factors for the efficient use of these resources in the corresponding locations such as wind, temperature patterns and elevation level. The game is supported by an intelligent agent that may be used and consulted at any time by the player to master the game. However, the usage of the intelligent agent will influence the virtual cash resources available to a player. The more a player knows about renewable energy the more virtual money will be available to him/her and the more virtual money can be used to build new power resources. A player can increase his/her virtual money resource by answering questions correctly.

The game will be augmented and promoted by an additional SMS game called "Eco Champ Wizard" in which contestants have to answer environmental questions.


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