Motorola, Inc.'s i.MXL applications processor is being used in the world's first handheld devices running Palm OS 5 Simplified Chinese Edition — the Lenovo P100 handheld for students and the Lenovo P300 mid-tier handheld for professionals and business users.

Both products were launched recently by Legend Group Limited.

The Lenovo P100 is an affordable, entry-level handheld for users requiring simple personal information management functionality including DateBook and Calendar. The Lenovo P300 model offers advanced functions and additional applications such as email, expense tracking and currency conversion. Motorola's i.MXL applications processor helps enhance the Lenovo handheld devices by providing "Smart Speed" technology, which minimizes the system power requirements when running a variety of applications.

The i.MXL applications processor offers multimedia and communications features that help developers speed up development time, from prototyping to manufacturing. Several integrated features of the i.MX processors, such as the multimedia extensions and video port, are designed to allow customers to use a low number of components in their wireless devices to reduce overall system costs.


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