Qualcomm Incorporated recently announced that its multimedia software, Compact Media Extensions(CMX), has become the most preferred downloadable content for China Unicom.

This multimedia solution package–which includes support for time-synchronized music, text, graphics and animation–has been successfully adopted by China Unicom's broad subscriber base. Currently, there are more than 30 CMX handset models commercially available, supported by more than 50 CMX-based content providers. To date, China Unicom's U-Magic service supports over 5,000 CMX ringers; nearly 1,000 animation files; and over 200 musical animation files.

China Unicom's CMX service enables content partners to create ringtones that offer crystal-clear, high-quality music–from rock and roll to contemporary to movie theme songs. The ringtones can be assigned to individual callers, making identification of incoming calls from family and friends, or important business calls, as simple as naming the tune. Qualcomm will further expand CMX capabilities to include karaoke, bringing together music, text and graphics to create new revenue opportunities for China Unicom. China Unicom and Qualcomm continue to define CMX enhancements to help differentiate China Unicom's service offerings.



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