Proxim Corporation, a leader in wireless networking equipment for Wi-Fi and wide area networks, announced recently that Guangdong Unicom, a provincial subsidiary of China Unicom Limited, has selected Proxim's Tsunami MP point-to-multipoint broadband wireless products to establish China's largest high capacity wireless network, delivering Voice over IP and Internet connections throughout China's Guangdong province.

Guangdong Unicom is the first provincial operator to deploy a large-scale network in the 5.8GHz spectrum. The provider has already purchased 180 base station units for the project and will deploy Proxim's Tsunami MP in cities throughout Guangdong, one of China's largest and most entrepreneurial provinces. Guangdong province, bordering Hong Kong in southern China, has the highest GDP and highest amount of imports and exports in the country, and is China's largest recipient of foreign direct investment.

Guangdong selected Proxim's Tsunami MP because of its high capacity, flexibility and fast, simple installation. Jin Peng Group, one of China's largest IT product distributors and resellers in China, will supply the equipment and provide maintenance services and technical support for Proxim products to Guangdong Unicom. Through active collaboration with Proxim's China partners, all major service providers in China are deploying Proxim's wireless networking solutions for applications such as voice and data backhaul, public hot spots, and last-mile broadband access.

Ideal for enterprises, mobile operators and broadband service providers, Proxim's Tsunami wireless broadband solutions offer a wide variety of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint products that operate in the license-exempt 5 GHz spectrum. Offering easy deployment and carrier-class reliability, these products are designed for customers that need to address the high capacity requirements of large voice and data networks.


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