Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) and Founder Group, recently announced plans to establish a new joint Platform Development Lab in Beijing, China for integrating and developing products targeted at information appliances beyond the PC market, initially focusing on the home digital media centers.

Through this Lab, AMD and Founder will be able to address the growing demand for technology that is designed around human-centric interaction and innovation. The Lab plans to develop solutions based on what consumers value in their computing experience involving relevance, accessibility and usability.

Founder will be providing supporting infrastructure, technical expertise and engineering staff among other things to the Lab, while AMD will focus their efforts on providing technology and resources, including development tools, products, dedicated engineering support, and reference design kits to the Lab. The joint lab will support customers in bringing products to market faster, and strengthening Founder's engineering capabilities while providing AMD with growth opportunities for the AMD Alchemy and AMD Geode solutions in the China market.


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