Analog Devices, Inc. today announced that the first GSM mobile phones resulting from a joint development program with Chinese manufacturer, TCL Mobile Communication Co., Ltd., have entered mass production after successfully completing GCF (Global Certification Forum) testing.

A host of ADI's high-performance analog and digital signal processing chips enable advanced media features such as color displays, camera, games and polyphonic ring tones, with optional features such as Java, speech recognition, hands-free operation and GPRS data service. The new phones include the SoftFone baseband chipset and Othello direct conversion radio frequency IC.

The collaboratively developed Analog Devices/TCL platform is based on the SoftFone RAM-based digital baseband processor family incorporating the digital signal processing (DSP), microcontroller, GSM logic, fast on-chip SRAM, and high-performance analog baseband interface with integrated power-management circuits and stereo audio playback capability. The radio section of the platform is based on the award-winning Othello One direct-conversion radio transceiver. The platform can operate in up to four GSM frequency bands, enabling operation in Asia, Europe and North America. Protocol stack software for the platform is supplied by TTPCom of Cambridge, England.


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