Yangtze Telecom Corp. announced that its wholly owned subsidiary has successfully completed all of the necessary registration procedures and has officially opened the Company's first regional branch in Shanghai.

With the Shanghai regional branch established, Yangtze Telecom can commence offering its SMS services to seven and a half million subscribers of Shanghai Mobile (China Mobile Shanghai Branch) and to three million subscribers of Shanghai Unicom (China Unicom Shanghai Branch).

Paul Deng, Yangtze Telecom's CEO and Chairman commented, "The opening of our first regional branch in China's largest city is a significant milestone for our Company. By establishing this branch we are showing our commitment to offer SMS services to mobile subscribers in Shanghai. This commitment allows us to work very closely with Shanghai Mobile and Shanghai Unicom in the promotion of our SMS services with their mobile subscribers. We look forward to announcing in the near future the opening of other significant regional branches as we continue to strategically expand our services across China."


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