BroadenGate Systems Inc, a software outsourcing company in China, today announced that the company plans to complete all its filing and reporting work with the SEC and will apply for resumption of trading on OTCBB in the second quarter of 2004.

American Blackman Kallick Bartelstein LLP. (BKB) has been chosen for the company account auditing of Year 2002 and 2003. BKB started the audit on 2nd Dec. 2003 and is expected to finish the job before 15th Mar. 2004.

Dr. Lan Hongbing, CEO of BroadenGate, said, "With many efforts made in the past two years we believe BroadenGate has achieved a leading position in software outsourcing market of Chinese Telecom industry. Our clients include some of the biggest manufacturers and service providers in China. In addition, we have established strategic partnership with Indian Zensar Technologies Limited and Australian TrySoft Corporation Limited in teams of our international business expansion. I am confident that the resumption of trading on OTCBB will enhance BroadenGate synthetically strengths and market competitive capacity."


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