China's largest manufacturer of textile weaving machinery has purchased 40 additional licenses of SolidWorks 3D mechanical design software to meet increasing demand from international markets, SolidWorks announced today. China Textile Machinery Industry delivers products to customers 50% faster than before because it now has 130 SolidWorks licenses installed at its nine divisions throughout the country.

SolidWorks replaces China Textile Machinery Industry's 2D drafting tools and a Unix-based 3D computer-aided design (CAD) system – both of which had drawbacks that affected design quality and production speed. The company expanded its SolidWorks deployment anticipating increased demand from foreign markets, where it will have to modify and customize its products to meet local needs and requirements.

China Textile Machinery Industry has two main subsidiaries using SolidWorks. Jingwei Textile Machinery Group in Yuci, Shanxi province bought 90 seats of SolidWorks in 2002 to be installed in four divisions. The subsidiary also uses COSMOSWorks finite element analysis software to study how its massive machines will stand up to the rigorous demands of its customers' production environments. Shanghai Textile Machinery Group standardized on SolidWorks by installing 40 seats in its head office in Shanghai and in five divisions. Shanghai Textile Machinery Group uses SolidWorks software to design textile production equipment, including cotton spinning, chemical fiber, weaving, and finishing machinery. Together, these two divisions hold 70% of the Chinese textile market and export their products to 30 countries.


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