ZIM, a mobile consumer and enterprise application developer for the global two-way SMS (Short Message Service) channel and Beijing Dowstrong Ltd., a Chinese mobile value-added service company, today announced they have signed an agreement for distribution of ZIM's mobile office products featuring two-way SMS text messaging in China.

The products, ZIM SMS Office and ZIM SMS Mail, offer wireless e-mail through an innovative software-only solution and SMS text messaging, providing the functionality of advanced wireless handheld devices on any mobile phone. Commitments for customer pilots have already been secured in three regions of China for the first quarter of 2004.

ZIM SMS Mail, the entry level product, enables message delivery from virtually any e-mail account to a mobile phone with reply capabilities. ZIM SMS Office Standard Edition, designed for the Microsoft Outlook environment, allows users not only to receive, reply to and forward e-mail, but also integrates reminders and calendar items as well. The more advanced Enterprise Edition is designed for a networked environment. It includes real- time 'to phone' meeting invitations and uses a host of phone initiated on- demand commands for maximum connectivity and productivity. An additional product included in the agreement, ZIM SMS Chat, allows for two-way SMS chats between computer and mobile phone users.

Technical trials for the products have already been completed in two Chinese provinces. Commercial services are targeted for implementation following the customer pilots.


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