The China National Standardization Administration has formally announced the establishment of the National RFID Tag Standards Working Group. The Chinese government has signaled it attaches great importance to developing national Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tag standards, and the Working Group is in charge of drafting and developing China's national standards for RFID Tag technology.

RFID Tag technology, based on non-contact IC card technologies, has many potential applications in across a range of sectors in China's rapidly developing national economy. The RFID Tag allows for the management of logistics, product availability, and inventory information, and it has become one of the core technologies transforming communications between electronic devices in the inventory/logistics management field today.

Automatic identification technology is a carrier of product information, the core technology enabling the translation of physical object information to digital information. Currently, the most popularly used automatic identification technologies include, one-dimensional bar code, two-dimensional bar code, composite bar code, and RFID Tag. Of the existing technologies, RFID Tag technology is the most advanced with the greatest market potential. Because RFID Tag technology is used around the world in a variety of applications, developing China's national standards for it is critical.

Standards needed to make the technology a reality include, electronic appliance standards, uniform communications frequencies, uniform data formats and raw product data configurations. Practical advantages include, data encryption and product certification/validation. By establishing the National RFID Tag Standards Working Group, the China National Standardization Administration has begun the process to draft national RFID Tag standards.

The group will draw on the successful experience of the international community in order to make the national RFID Tag standards compatible with current international standards. The National RFID Tag Standards Working Group will adopt an 'open-door' policy where every qualified party will be encouraged to participate. The group will investigate international RFID Tag research and practical applications, adopting advanced international technologies and experience where relevant. With the establishment and adoption of national RFID standards, a domestic RFID industry will have the right environment for future development.


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