Following the announcement last week by the Chinese government of the establishment of the National Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tag Standards Working Group, Chinese entrepreneur, Edward Zeng, Chairman and CEO of Sparkice, was appointed by the working group to coordinate the group's activities with parallel international bodies and other global logistics and retailing leaders during the initial stages of the working group's research and outreach.

The RFID Tag Standards Working Group, the organization responsible for developing China's national standards for RFID, appointed Zeng because of his record as an advisor to the government on other standards, his reputation in China's technology sector and his company's position as "China's e-hub for Global Commerce".

The RFID Tag Standards Working Group, whose members include representatives from China's Ministry of Information Industry (MII), China National Registry of Product and Service Codes, China National Institute of Standardization and the Shanghai Institute of Standardization will cooperate and consult with the international community in developing standards for this important commerce enabling technology.

The National RFID Tag Standards Working Group will adopt an "open-door" policy where every qualified party will be encouraged to participate. The group will investigate international RFID Tag research and practical applications, adopting advanced international technologies and experience where relevant.


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