CTS Corporation, a producer of automotive electronic sensors and components, today announced that a leading Chinese vehicle manufacturer has selected CTS Automotive Products to supply non-contacting Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) Pedal Assemblies for use in passenger vehicles produced in China.

Prototypes have been delivered, and CTS will begin volume production later this year in its new Dongguan automotive facility. This initial award, amounting to over $10 million in new revenues through 2009, is the first application of advanced integrated electronic pedal technology with a local Chinese automotive manufacturer.

The use of electronic throttle control systems and integrated electronic throttle control pedals is just beginning in China and is expected to grow significantly over the next five years, driven by emissions and fuel economy requirements. ETC Systems are replacing conventional mechanical throttle control systems because they improve fuel economy, reduce emissions and enable the use of other innovative technologies such as adaptive cruise control and traction control systems. The ETC Pedal Assembly is mounted in place of the existing accelerator pedal and converts mechanical pedal movement into an electronic signal. The CTS ETC pedal assembly, in either contacting or non-contacting design, meets all typical passenger compartment automotive specifications, can be used with both gasoline and diesel applications and is compatible with multiple engine control units.

CTS Automotive Products designs and manufactures sensors, actuators and subsystems used in powertrain, safety, suspension, fuel and emissions control systems for automotive manufacturers worldwide.


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