Communication Intelligence Corporation (CIC), which creates biometric signature verification and natural input software and supplies electronic signature solutions announced today that its 90% owned joint venture Communication Intelligence Computer Corporation, Ltd. (CICC), has signed a licensing agreement for its InkTools, biometric, electronic signature and Office Automation (OA) software with Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd. of Shanghai, China (Hudong-Zhonghua).

Hudong-Zhonghua is the largest shipbuilding company in China. In addition, Hudong-Zhonghua has been listed by the Shanghai Municipality and the State as one of the "Exemplary Enterprises in 863 Hi-tech CIMS Application," for its use of leading edge technologies for its integrated manufacturing systems

Under the terms of the agreement CICC will provide software licenses and integration services for its InkTools software enabling the use of biometric signature verification for improved security, electronic signatures for automation of traditional paper based processes, as well as the company's Chinese handwriting recognition and natural input solutions to increase user efficiency.

CICC's InkTools provides enterprises the ability to increase productivity, decrease costs and increase the ease of use for their employees and customers by enabling a more intuitive and natural way for people to interact with today's personal computers using handwriting recognition, document annotation, handwritten email, electronic chops and biometric signature verification. InkTools addresses the growing and diverse base of computer users in China striving to achieve the benefits of the paperless environment with best-of-breed, proven eSignature technology.


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